MASN: February arrives with roster position projections unchanged

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Posted 01 February 2023 - 08:20 AM

MASN: February arrives with roster position projections unchanged


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Posted 01 February 2023 - 11:36 AM

MASN: February arrives with roster position projections unchanged


Nothing new in Roch's latest.   Pitchers and catchers report 2 weeks from today.  Let's Go.

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Posted 04 February 2023 - 12:47 PM

I had some bench comments, I'll add them in this roster discussion.


I have some general comments I apply when doing this.


1) I don't view the bench as a developmental job.  I actually don't want prospects on the bench. This notion that being younger is somehow better for every role is the wrong narrative.  I actually like the Chris Gomez type players for bench roles.  Know who you are and how to prepare.  Show up ready to contribute and appreciate where you are in your career.  Have 3 gloves and just be ready and help everyone else.  That's not really where you want "top100" type players and better younger talent isn't really leveraged in the more limited roles.


2) I want speed (at least one guy) on the bench.  You never know when you need a SB and while you can't steal 1B, if you need another base and there's a guy on first, you can put that speed in a position to impact the game. New rules may make this a little more important.  I would have accepted a guy like Mateo in this type role, but he's emerged some and deserves the starting opportunity.


Orioles specific.


I think Urias needs a better opportunity.  He's certainly OK on the bench, but he just got a GG at 3B and a year from now he'll be ARB1 and will most likely lose any value he has today.  There are teams that could use him.


I actually like Frazier, but I see him into the coming seasons as more of a versatile bench piece than the starter at 2B.  He's utterly redundant with Vavra.


I also like McKenna as a 4th OFer, but if we were going to add some speed to the bench, I think it'd have to be in the 4th OFer spot, today.


So you generally have 4 bench spots.


Backup C: Talked about this plenty.  McCann is the best thing they could have done here.  Would be interested in this beyond this year and next.


Infield: I don't think there's any real difference (team performance) between a guy like Urias and Jon Schoop in this role.  The only difference could be that Schoop would better appreciate that role over the coming years where Urais wants to create more starting opportunity.  Urias has some value to leverage where Schoop is under-water today.  Jon also has some history here and that could be an interesting full circle.


Frazier will get the starting role for 2023 although Schoop (same role as Urias) could be a 2023 compliment to him also.   


Feels like the Orioles want Norby at 2B in 2024 so while Frazier and Schoop will be FAs at the end of 2023, they both are auditioning for that broader bench role if they wanted.


4th OF. Again, like McKenna, but looking for a cat with some better wheels for this role.  Baseball Savant has this fun chart for sprint speed.  Sort by Orioles if you like and you can see the Orioles have a well-above-average team speed this coming season. Look out to the right and 2 guys stand out to me for this role.  Bubba Thompson (TEX) and Jake McCarthy (AZ) both with more reserve OFer profiles but solid base-stealers in the minors and in their limited ML time.


If the Orioles bench in 2024 was McCann, Schoop, Frazier and Thompson, I'd suggest that's about as good as you could do to help the ML team.


If you wanted to push at least one piece of that today, you could look to trade Urias (and maybe Vavra) to the Tigers for Schoop ++.  You get more value out of the Tigers if you wanted to do something like this.  They'll kick in some cash on Schoop but you could still look at a couple different pieces including thier CompBal pick.


McCarthy probably isn't too hard an add given the DBacks roster.  He's LHed (and a local kid) so I probably prefer the RHed Bubba Thompson, but either would add one more element to the Orioles bench for 2023 and the coming seasons. 


Just on the trade front, I think Stowers gets over-run in future roles given the roster and the system.  I don't think you wait for his value to get lost sdo you convert now, do something with the value he has.  Westburg is a year from being in the same boat.

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Pedro Cerrano

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Posted 04 February 2023 - 11:50 PM

Dude Tolstoy
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