Photo How do Orioles stack up in AL East in 2023?

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#1 BSLChrisStoner



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Posted 22 January 2023 - 12:17 PM How do Orioles stack up in AL East in 2023?

#2 Mackus



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Posted 22 January 2023 - 12:34 PM

On paper and without having looked too hard at everyone...ahead of Boston, behind everyone else. Really hard time envisioning a division title but any other outcome feels reasonably probable.

#3 BSLSteveBirrer


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Posted 22 January 2023 - 01:14 PM

This article outlines what I have been saying in the Hot Stove thread. Its just not about how the O's improved (or didn't as the case may be) but how did the rest of the teams fare in the offseason.


Looks to me like the Yankees are still the cream. Toronto improved and maybe significantly. The Rays  may have dropped back a bit offensively. The Red Sox hard to say.


Right now I'd say the ALE looks like this:

1. Yankees

2. Toronto

3. Tampa Bay

3.5 Orioles

5. Red Sox


Bottom line is I think we are further behind the top 2 not closer.

#4 dude



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Posted 22 January 2023 - 01:17 PM

I think the BlueJays did the best job of building a complete team for 2023.


I understand why everyone likes the Yankees with the Rodon add, but I'm not convinced he is who some think he is in 2023.  He was not tendered a contract in 2021.  Obviously Judge is important, but he also posted his career best season in 2022...that is hard to duplicate for anyone not named Mike Trout.  He can still be a .925 OPS guy (which is great) and that almost 200 points less than 2022.  Most of the Yankees team isn't that exciting.  They have the biggest bat and a 1-2 in the rotation so there's an edge there, but the rest is kind of meh.


I put the Rays 3rd, but they aren't an intimidating team.  Few teams do a better job of selling their Attitude and Chemistry to winning and they've routinly backed that up.  They need Wander to have an MVP type year and he was absent most of last year.  Rays could finish anywhere, including 5th.


Orioles 4th for me to start.  There's a lower floor given some of the rotation track record.  I like the Orioles defense and speed best in the Division (maybe AL, maybe MLB) and they have above average players everywhere but you have to figure out how to put it together and that's always the challenge.


Not excited (or worried from an Orioles POV) about Boston at all.  They don't seem to have put together a complete plan and should start projected 5th.  They could still win the Division, but they'd have the smallest %, but that's why we play the games.  They aren't quitting.

#5 Slidemaster



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Posted 22 January 2023 - 01:40 PM

It's really simple to me. Every team besides Boston got better. The Orioles did nothing. I see no reason to expect them to be better than 4th place and out of the playoffs again.

#6 weird-O



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Posted 22 January 2023 - 02:27 PM

On paper, they look like a 4th place team. That would mean no post season visit. 

Good news! I saw a dog today.

#7 Pedro Cerrano

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Posted 22 January 2023 - 02:55 PM

FWIW Vegas has us with the longest odds to win the division.

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#8 TwentyThirtyFive



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Posted 22 January 2023 - 03:01 PM

FWIW Vegas has us with the longest odds to win the division.

Understandable. Though the are giving Bos more respect just because they are Bks

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