Rude behavior you hate?

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Posted 12 May 2020 - 02:06 PM

People who leave carts out in parking lots. 



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Posted 30 May 2020 - 02:34 AM

I wonder what that guy does when it's pouring rain and the dang store doesn't have a cart corral nearby... ;-)


Plus, who cares?  Unless the lot is full and it makes it a PITA for somebody else to find a convenient spot, it doesn't interfere with anybody... and the store already pays guys to make the rounds to get them.  So, as sins of rudeness go, that seems pretty weak...


A true shopping cart sin is leaving your dang cart smack dab in the middle of the aisle while you obliviously ponder canned peas.




* People talking loud on the phone in public... especially when you're stuck being near them... like in a plane before takeoff...


* People puttering along at a leisurely pace in the fast lane...



Lastly, and this isn't rude but it bugs me...  CSR's who begins a problem-caused session by asking me how i am. 


* Here's what I actually think: "If I'm talking to you, I'm not having a good time, and it's most likely your company's fault... so just don't bring up how I'm doing... it'll be better for me, and quicker for both of us that way... and talking to you is something I want to be done with ASAP,.. so let's not drag this out with empty chit-chat, OK?"   


* Here's what I actually say: "I'm fine... How are you?"

 "You say you've lost your faith, but that's not where its at.

  You have no faith to lose, and ya know it" - Bob Dylan

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