Times I've been fired

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Posted 27 June 2016 - 10:14 PM

Unnamed car dealership - 2008

So I was hired at this place in November. Spent a week or so getting to know the process. Started selling cars. So, the deal was I got the people in the door, sold them the car, then they went in for an interview with the finance guy. My customers would go into the finance office for 15 to 30 minutes then come out. The finance guy would say "they went to xxx dealership before here and they were told to ask for Shithead (not his real name) so that's his deal." I say okay. I get it. So I start asking everyone before they go back to the finance guy "where have you been to look at cars before here? Did another salesman at another place tell you to come here? Did anyone tell you to ask for Shithead?" They'd say no and then they would go into finance and come out and turns out they went to some other dealership and asked for Shithead. That was fucking news to me. Shithead would then come over and talk to me, inevitably on payday. He'd put his paycheck on my desk so I could see it. We get paid every two weeks and this asshole is taking home 8000 dollars every paycheck. And he'd say "You're doing a great job. We need to figure out a way for you to make more money and sell more cars." I'd tell him maybe he should let me keep some of my deals. You know, the cars that I sold. He always thought that was really funny. Anyway, I worked there 4 months and he was arrested 7 times. He's a regional VP now making 300k a year. I saw him once in Target and he came over to say hi. I told him to go fuck himself.

One day, I had to go to the bathroom. Door was locked. Sure, that was upsetting but that's the way it goes. So I go back to my desk and in another half hour I check the door. Locked again. This happens repeatedly for four hours. I think my timing is bad. So I have to walk across a highway to a dunkin donuts to take a piss. About an hour after I get back, the owner starts asking me if I've seen his son anywhere. He's one of my three managers. I say no. So then everyone has to look for this douche. No one knows where he is and he's not answering his phone and his car is in the parking lot. Then someone says the bathroom door has been locked for hours. The owner goes over and shoulders the door open. And there's the little guy sitting on the toilet with a needle hanging out of his arm. Guy just got tuckered out.

About a week after that, I show up on a Monday for my usual shift. The owner sees me come in and says "hey Ace! Can I talk to you for a minute?" I say sure and he leads me into a side office.

"Have you noticed we've been letting some people go lately?"

They'd let the guy who went to auctions to buy piece of shit cars go. I say sure. I know they've been letting people go.

"Well, that includes you, Ace."

"Im fired?" I ask.

"Yeah." He gets up and leaves the room. I pack my shit. He then tells me I'm taking too long. I tell him to go fuck himself and that he's an asshole, his son is a heroin addict and his sales manager is a garbage human being. I leave without further incident.

Convenience store 1990 or a little later. I don't know. Early 90s.

I work at the local convenience store with some friends. Fun job. We do whatever we want but still get the job done kind of place. One day an indian guy buys the place and comes in and tells us to wear aprons and name tags. A few people quit. I wear apron and name tag. One day the Indian guy goes off on a 14 year old kid there for some bullshit. I tell him you can't be talking to 14 year old kids like that.

"You have disrespected me. You are hereby terminated."

Wendy's 1994 - I'm working at Wendy's, hence the title of this section. It's 1994. We served fried chicken then. A bunch of my friends came in and I gave them each a 3 piece with a biscuit on the house. Got fired the 3rd time I did that. A guy I worked with worked the drive thru and didn't ring up any cash orders for a whole weekend and left with 1500 dollars. He bought a car with the money and wrecked it and left it in the middle of the street. Did it again the following weekend.
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